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Sustainable fashion consumption doesn't stop as soon as your new V&V fair fashion piece hangs in your closet. Because only if you wear your clothes for a long time does your ecological footprint become smaller.

In order to extend the life cycle of your clothes, it is therefore important that you take good care of them.


As long as you don't spill red wine on your white SEOUL sweater, you can simply hang sweaters, pants, etc. out of the window to air them out. This is usually enough to get rid of unpleasant odors from your favorite items. Airing not only saves time and water, but also protects the environment and materials. Even with a gentle program and lower temperatures, every wash cycle puts a strain on the fabric. The less often you wash your clothes, the longer the colors will shine.

If it should smell a bit more intense, you can easily freeze it. The sub-zero temperatures in your freezer remove odor particles and destroy bacteria.


If there is no way around the washing machine, you should make sure to wash your clothes at 30°C. In this way you not only promote the longevity of your clothes, but also do something good for the environment. According to the WWF, washing at 30 instead of 40 degrees reduces CO2 emissions by up to 38 percent.

In order for textiles to look beautiful for a long time, you should (as you probably know) separate your laundry by color and throw it in the drum with similar items of clothing. You should also opt for environmentally friendly detergents, avoid bleach and fabric softeners, and reduce the spin speed.


For the longevity of your pieces, it is particularly important to avoid using the dryer and instead let your clothes air dry. It is best to choose a warm room for the drying rack that can be well ventilated. If you only let your clothes air dry instead of using a dryer, you save up to 1,631 liters of water annually.


Has a button come loose on your beloved trousers? Try sewing on the buttons yourself! We have published tips & tricks on Instagram that show you how you can easily repair your favorite items yourself.

If you have two left hands, you can also easily take the parts to the tailoring shop (or to us for V&V articles). This way, your treasures will be preserved for a long time. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for your conscience. ;)


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