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Handmade with love & care in Vienna.



At Viktoria&Viktor we strive for a better future. A future with more respect and love for our planet and the people who live on it. A morning of responsible action. A morning that enables and secures a morning after tomorrow.

We try to do our part by offering the most environmentally friendly and
choose the most ethical way of production that we can by tagging our processes
improving day by day and by never giving up on finding new alternatives. step for
step for a better tomorrow


At Viktoria&Viktor we believe that the circular economy is the only way to fight the fast fashion industry.

In order to increase the longevity of our products, we therefore pay attention when selecting materials and their processing to a particularly high quality. Our goal is to produce as little waste as possible. We re-use fabric remnants that unfortunately remain after cutting to size for new items. This is how our scrunchies and hairbands are made from the so-called off-cuts.

Feel free to drop by our studio or online shop and fall in love with our sweet 'Restl-accessories'!


Anyone who has ever ordered from us knows that there is no plastic! Our pieces come packed in recycled cardboard.

In addition, we reuse cardboard boxes that have already been used as often as possible to counteract the waste of resources. SORRY - not SORRY if our packaging is sometimes a little worn.

By the way, shipping is not free with us, as we want to encourage people to think about the environmental impact of transport. If you have the opportunity to visit our studio on site, we would very much appreciate it. Here we can also advise you better individually!


Each piece is created by hand and with a lot of love in our studio in Vienna.

Due to our small workshop, our production capacities are limited, which means that many models can only be manufactured in small quantities. In addition, we want to avoid overproduction, because excess clothing in our warehouse does not make you, nor us, nor our planet happy.

Sustainable fashion consumption doesn't stop as soon as your new V&V fair fashion piece hangs in your closet. Because only if you wear your clothes for a long time does your ecological footprint become smaller. In order to extend the life cycle of your garments, it is therefore important that You take good care of them.